South Asia in a Globalising World
A Reconstructed Regional Geography

By Bob Bradnock & Glynn Williams
Feb 2002
Pearson Education / Longman
ISBN: 0130259470
304 pages
$72.50 Paper original

A comprehensive introduction to the important economic, social and political processes and development issues in this extremely popular region. South Asia provides one of the world's most challenging development contexts and The authors take a different approach to most traditional development texts, making the latest research teacher friendly and presenting material in an accessible manner for non-specialists.

Part 1 - Introducing South Asia

Part 2 - Environmental Challenges
Political ecology of large irrigation schemes in India & Nepal
Environment, development and South Asia's population
Squatter settlements, housing and urban sustainability in Pakistan

Part 3 - Geopolitics of Development
Transforming ideologies of development
Democracy, decentralization and regional development
Depoliticizing development? NGOs, participation and empowerment
Nation-spaces, protest and resistance in Sri Lanka

Part 4 - Social Inequality & Social Change
Caste and the reproduction of social inequality
Development discourse and poverty in Sri Lanka

• Aims to integrate students' understanding of South Asia with wider theoretical debates within Geography
• Presents accessible summaries of contemporary research
• Incorporates material by, and the voices of, people from South Asia
• Introduces reference and support materials in annotated chapter bibliographies to aid learning and teaching
• Includes comprehensive glossary of regional-specific terms

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