011 + Architetture Made in Torino
This volume is issued on the occasion of the UIA, the World Congress of
Architecture, held in Turin in June 2008.

21st Century Railway Station

Ancient Cities Series

Affordable Houses Architecture

Afra e Tobia Scarpa: Architects 1959-1999. Tobias Scarpa:
Architect 2000-20009

All in Order

Andalusian Morocco
A Discovery in Living Art
Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

Andrea Palladio

Antonello Boschi: Re-Writings

Architettura a Vino, 2nd edition

Architettura & Natura Design e Artificio
An updated version of the monography dedicated to Emilio Ambasz
published to mark two important exhibitions celebrating the
architect, one at the Reina Sofia in Madrid, and the other at the
Forum Grimaldi in Montecarlo.

Architectural Shapes

Architecture Overview
Wineries, Galleries, Stadiums, Lofts,
Centres, Towers, Skyscrapers...

Architettura del Sublime

Artificial Nature Architecture

Barcelona - Modern Architecture & Design

Barcelona: Monumental Guide

Bars! Architectural Hightech Bars & Clubs

Bars & Clubs

Best Shops Today

Bio Architecture

Bioclimatic Architecture

Branding & Spaces Design

Building: The City

Building & Light

Building Skins

Building Conversion & Renovation

Building Refurbishment

Building with Pallets: Pallet Project

Cafes, Bars & Restaurants

Cantine Secolo XXI

Carlo Mollino

Che Cosa e L'Architettura

Chic Refurbishment: Small Apartments

City Apartments
Series: Architectural Houses

City Interiors
Series: Architectural Houses

City Lofts
Series: Architectural Houses

Commercial Spaces

Competitions, Concursos

Container & Prefab Houses

Contemporary Green Prefab

Contemporary Green Renovation

Contemporary Living Spaces for the Elderly

Corporate Architecture

Dante O. Benini: Architect

David Chipperfield

Discover Islamic Art in the Mediterannean

D. Roger Hay:
The Essence of Root Meaning

Dennis Oppenheim: Splashbuilding

Design Hotels

Digital Water Pavilion at Zaragoza's
Milla Digital & Expo 2008

A volume dedicated to an extraordinary digital architectural project, a dream come
true, designated by Time magazine 'Best Invention of the Year', as the Digital
Water Pavilion makes its debut at the Saragozza Expo.

Dream Green Architecture

Drink & Food Spaces

Early Ottoman Art:
Legacy of the Emirates

Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

Eco House: Green Roofs & Vertical Gardens

Eco Refurbishment

Eco Remodeling Green Architecture

Ecological Dwellings

Ecological Prefab Housing

Eduardo Souto De Moura

Education & Culture

Efficiency Buildings: Bioclimatic Architecture

Efficient Offices

Energy & Ecology New Apartments

Enzo Eusebi
The professional development of an engineer who has worked on significant projects for 20 years.

Ephemeral: Exhibitions, Advertising, Events, Shows

Expo 2010 Shaghai Italy Pavilion:
The City of Man Living the Italian Way

Extreme Architecture

Exhibition Stands


Factories & Office Buildings

Family Housing

Feeling Home. Droulers

The book includes two critical essays and a conversation with the two architects, who
comment on the themes illustrated and interpret their work.

Franco Albini
This slim monographic volume by the architectural historian Federico Bucci describes the
most important achievements of Franco Albini's architectural career.

Frank Lloyd Wright, 1867-1959

Fun House: Playlands for Kids

Garden & Three Houses

Gio Ponti A Stoccolma

Giovanni Frangi: Wallpaper

Graphicity Barcelona

Green City: Contemporary Urban Design

Green Container Architecture 3

Green Houses

Green in Green: Sustainable Architecture

Green Social Housing

Green Urban Landscapes

Gunnar Asplund

Holland - Italy

Homes for Senior Citizens

Hostels: A Revolutionary New Concept

Hotel Design

Hotel Dream Rooms: New Interiors Experience

Houses & Materials

Houses in Difficult Places

Houses in Extreme Places

Houses in Impossible Places

Houses: New Living Spaces

Houses Out of the City

Houses Think Green!

Thirteen Centuries of Art
& Architecture in Tunisia

Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

Ignazio Gardella
The book sets out to describe the work of Ignazio Gardella in the
Milanese cultural and architectural scene.

Il Design e Gli Interni di Franco Albini
The book examines carefully and in great detail the theme of Albini's work as a designer,
highlighting the original nature of his work which is distinctive for its strict rationality,
formal reserve, geometrical order, technical perfection and the high quality of the
materials employed.

Il tempo e l' architetto
The story of how Frank Lloyd Wright built the Guggenheim Museum,
from the project to its opening in 1959, recounted by Francesco Dal Co.

Impressive Architecture Bars

Indoor Houses Gardens


Islamic Art in Portugal
In the Lands of the Enchanted Moorish Maiden
Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

Juan Navarro Baldeweg

Jurg Conzett, Gianfranco Bronzini & Patrick Gartmann

La Stazione Centrale di Napoli
After the success of the book about Rome’s main station, Archeologia a Roma
Termini, here is another book published in cooperation with the company Grandi Stazioni.

L'Architettura Di Aires Matues, 2nd edition

Landscaping in Natural Environments

Landscape: Out of the City

Le Corbusier

Le Luci e la Pietra: Lights & Stone

Leon Battista Alberti

Living & Working Architecture

Lofts. New Dimension

Low Cost Architecture

Low Cost Houses

Low Tech Architecture [English & Spanish]

Luigi Moretti 1907-1973
An in-depth and substantiated interpretational essay provides the first comprehensive
profile of Luigi Moretti - his career as an architect and scholar and his personality, also placing his
theoretical and design production in the context of 20th-century Italian history.

Luigi Moretti

Making the Most out of Space
Series: Architectural Houses

Mamluk Art:
The Splendour & Magic
of the Sultans

Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

Mauro Galantino Architetto
Mauro Galantino is one of the most cultured, precise and prolific Italian architects of the
generation that followed the masters of the Neo-Rationalism movement.

Max Dudler: Architectures Since 1979

Maxxi Architettura: Fotografia Le Collezioni

Mediterranean Graphicity

Micro Apartments for Living

Mini Apartments

Mini Hotels

Mini Rural Hotels

Mini Rural Hotels

Mini Urban Apartments

Modern Interiors

More Than 100 Kitchen Designs

Multidisciplinary Spaces: Architectural Complexes

New Architectural Interiors

New Coastal Homes

New Country Houses

New Eco House: Structure & Ideas

New Ecological Home: Materials for Bioclimatic Design

New Health Facilities

New Working Spaces

Original Houses

Outdoor Spaces

Palazzo Montecitorio: The Art Nouveau Building
The second of two books devoted to Palazzo di Montecitorio focuses on its
more recent history, which is closely linked to the Italian Parliament.

Palazzo Montecitorio: The Baroque Building
This first book about Palazzo di Montecitorio, examines the Baroque
building through a photographic review of etchings and paintings featuring the
palazzo, executed between the 17th and 19th centuries.

Pietro Barucci Architetto
The book, written by Luigi Lenci tells the story of Petro Barucci, the Roman architect and
town planner, focusing on the most important milestones of his life's work.

Pilgrimage, Sciences & Sufism
Islamic Art in the West Bank & Gaza
Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

Places of Franco Albini

Prefab Design

Public Architecture

Public & Private Spaces

Rehabilitation & Ecology Architecture

Rehabilitation: Dealing with History

Rehabilitation Residential Low Cost

Remodeling City Apartments
Series: Architectural Houses

Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Residences for the Elderly

Residential Architecture: Gardens, Ideas & Details

Residential Developments

Residential for the Elderly

Retail Spaces


Santa Giulia, Brescia
The book takes an in-depth look at the history of Santa Giulia, the Brescia
museum that was enlarged and enriched by incorporating the Domus site and
describes the initial chance finds followed by organised digs, the conservation
difficulties and the final transformation of the site into a museum.

Sapone Sapey
‘Emotional architecture’ is what Teresa Sapey herself says lies behind
her projects. Pure emotions, aroused through color, unusual
dimensions and spaces, achieving results which do not aim to be
merely functional and esthetic.

Self Sufficient Green Architecture

Shin Takamatsu

Shopping Architecture

Shuhei Endo - Paramodern Architecture

Siculo-Norman Art
Islamic Culture in Medieval Sicily
Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

Sit Down Design Now!

Slats Facades

Small Bars

Small City Homes
Series: Architectural Houses

Small Eco Houses

Small Hotels & Rural Hotels

Small Office. Home Office.

Small Restaurants

Small Shops. Mini Tiendas

Small Squares. Mini Plazas

Social Housing

Social Housing

SPACE: From Maxxi's Collections of Art & Architecture
Among its many planned activities, MAXXI will be organizing a series of exhibitions on particular themes with
works from its own hytg6y65hycollection, together with a small selection of works on loan, chosen
for their particular relevance to the topic in question.

Stairs, Escaleras & Escadas

Stands: Architecture for Exhibition

Storia Dell'Architettura Italiana

Sunlight Houses [English & Spanish]

Sustainable Apartments Development

Sustainable Architecture - Containers 2, 2nd ed.

Sustainable Urban Landscapes

Tight Budget Architecture Houses

Tiny Apartments for Singles

Tobia Scarpa
Tobia Scarpa's career as a designer and as an architect, producing brilliant and innovative
solutions, whether for large factories or museum interiors, is
documented through a detailed analysis of his work.

Town Houses
Series: Architectural Houses

Tree Houses

Trendy Shops

Triennale 2005-2008
During the period 2005-2008, the Triennale devoted particular energy to developing its
architecture section by launching a program of reflection about subjects and figures
associated with contemporary issues and consolidating a leading image in the field.

Ultimate Containers: Sustainable Architecture

Ultra Low Tech Architecture

Umayyads: Rise of Islamic Art
Series: Islamic Art in the Medieterranean

Unsual & Unique Hotels

Urban Apartments

Urban Design. Accesible & Sustainable Architecture

Urban Eco Parks

Urban Houses

Urban Identity

Urban Landscapes

Urban Landscapes: Small Squares

Urban Playground Spaces

Urban Spaces

Vertical Social Houses

Vintage Barcelona

Vintage Home Refurbishment

We Try to Build the Future

Which Way to Go? Placemaking, Wayfinding & Signage

William Lescaze