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Sit Down Design Now!

Edited by Joseph Maria Minguet
October 2006
Instituto Monsa
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
192 Pages, Illustrated. 10 x 8 1/2"
$42.50 Paper

The Industrial Revolution opened up new routes for creativity thanks to the appearance of plastics and new manufacturing processes. It seems that since that time stools, chairs, armchairs and sofas have been continuously evolving to provide us with an infinite variety of choice.

Some of these are now recognized to be design classics, such as Corbusier's "Chaise Longue," the "Thonet" Chair or the "Barcelona Chair" from Mies Van Der Rohe, often featured on the cover of those classic and now somewhat dated industrial design books.

In Sit Down Design Now!, we propose an original route which covers the present day panorama of the latest creations from young designers as well as those who have already left their mark on the current world of design.



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