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Bioclimatic Architecture


By Oscar Mira Vazquez
May 2009
Instituto Monsa de Ediciones
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
240 Pages, Illustrated, 11.6 x 9.6 x 0.8
$97.50 Hardcover

This book is an extraordinary collection of exciting and diverse architectural sustainable projects. Monsa explores the critical line between how we built and the natural environment with a combination of sustainable star architects and heretofore unknown practitioners. Basically, sustainable design means being smart about how we use the energy, water and construction materials in order to be successful in comfort and without being unnecessarily harmful with the environment and, of course, the contem-porary view of modern architecture. The process of creating good sustainable architec-ture is about thinking better buildings that are easier on the environment, with green materials, less expensive over the long term and more enjoyable to use.

Green & Sustainable teaches us that when the creative processes are used in combination with social, cultural and environmental systems, modern architecture meets without hesitation the artistic and sensible necessities of present days without compromising the requirements of our future generations. A perfect read and an essential reference for anyone interested in how the architecture and design aesthetic connects with environmental sustainability.


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