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Umayyads: Rise of Islamic Art
Series: Islamic Art in the Medieterranean

Edited by Museum with No Frontiers
August 2000
Museum with No Frontiers
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
224 Pages, Illustrated. 5 7/8 x 8 1/2"
$29.50 Paper

Islamic Art in the Mediterranean
Historical Artistic Introduction
The Umayyads: The Rise of Islamic Art
Itinerary 1: Amman, the Governor's Headquarters.
    Administrative Systen
Itinerary 2: The Umayyads & their Christian Subjects.
   Concept of Byzantine & Umayyad
   Christian Road to Pilgrimage from Jerusalem to
      Mount Nebo
Itinerary 3: Palatial Residences
   Opulent Lifestyles
   Water & Irrigation
Itinerary 4: The Decapolis in the Umayyad Period
    Pottery Workshop at Jerash
    Early Islamic Coinage
Itinerary 5: Traders & Pilgrims
    Roman Legionary Camps
    Land of the Prophets
    Syrian Pilgrimage Road to the Holy Cities of Islam
Histroical Personalities
Further Reading

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