Outdoor Spaces
Strategies & Design
[English & Spanish]

Edited by Josep Minguet
July 2013
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788415829119
112 pages, Illustrated
$32.50 Paper original

Considered a privilege, especially in large cities, access to outdoor space in the privacy of a home is a valued benefit that can be obtained in numerous ways. It is possible to convert terraces, balconies, gardens and courtyards, regardless of its size, into tranquil places where one surrenders to contemplation or into sources of light that extent within the home. This book assembles an ample selection of innovative projects, designed by contemporary architects and landscapers, which guide us on how to fully take advantage of an open space, while inspiring new methods to tighten the relationship between the inside and outdoors and, in this way, improve our quality of life.



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