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Vertical Social Houses

Editor Josep Maria Minguet
December 2009
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
239 Pages, Illustrated. 9 3/4 x 12 1/8"
$97.50 Hardcover Slipcase

Traditionally, state subsidized or social housing has been associated with an image of simplicity, finishes of bad quality or even marginal. Maybe it was so during the sixties, where residential areas of huge blocks of flats ended up being some kind of ghettos where top priority was to arrange the number of families to settle instead of offering life conditions halfway acceptable or decent.

It is evident that the obsolete and out of date system is not been put into practice, but even so, nowadays these cases are isolete and town-planning is taken care of and planned in a very different way in any city of the world. Therefore, the task of this volume is to demonstrate that the widespread idea which associates social housing with ugly, boring or low quality buildings as much in the constructive as in the architectonic aspects is wrong. It would be enough to have a brief look at the volume to discover it.


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