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Islamic Art in Portugal
In the Lands of the Enchanted Moorish Maiden
Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

Edited by Museum with No Frontiers
August 2001
Museum with No Frontiers
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
200 Pages, Illustrated, 5 7/8 x 8 1/2"
$29.50 Paper


Gharb al-Andalus--A Brief History
The Far West of Iberia
Itinerary 1: Mudejar Art. Fado
Itinerary 2: Between Moors & Mozarabs
   The Lorvao Apocalypse
Itinerary 3: Idanha Boder Country
Itinerary 4: The Road to Gharb
Itinerary 5: A Taifa Kingdom--Mertola
   Weaving Workshops
Itinerary 6: Guadiana--The Great Southern River
Itinerary 7: Between the Algarve & the Mountains
Itinerary 8: Silves--The Capital of Almohad Art
Itinerary 9: The Headland at the World's End
Itinerary 10: The Castles of the the River Sado
Historical Events
Further Reading



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