Afra e Tobia Scarpa: Architects 1959-1999. Tobias Scarpa: Architect 2000-20009
[In English &Italian]

Edited by Roberto Masiero & Michela Maguolo
June 2012
Mondadori Electa
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9788837069308
525 pages, Illustrated
$200.00 Hardcover

I still believe in civil decorum. Not the decoration in itself, even all'orpello bad word - but what comes from a report brought up with things and with others. It's a little 'speech that we have often done on the magnificent figure that is the Greek kairos, which, for me, is opposed to hubris, to going against nature. Being educated means having naturally. The kairos is seizing the opportune moment to take action and then a project is - as Aristotle would say - the minimum time and at the same time, not even between the best and no longer counts on which the ' man of action to succeed. The kairos is offering the world and you must know to take, without violence, almost letting go and going with nature, without hubris, of course. And the way to be in tune with the world.


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