Che Cosa e L'Architettura
Architetture Caruso Torricella

By Francesco Venezia
September 2011
Mondadori Electa
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788837086619
105 pages, Illustrated
$60.00 Paper Original

The writings of Francesco Venezia collected for the first time in this book are intended for the younger generation of architects which they intend to provide precise theoretical assumptions in opposition to the prevailing contemporary trivialization of form and content. The texts published the result of the selection of conferences and lectures held in over twenty years of academic activity combines theoretical and practice of architecture, presenting reflections on the combination of theory and practice, idea and project. The title highlights the key themes of the research work of Francesco Venezia. The importance of the act founding dell'insediarsi places that work is expressed by the Neapolitan platforms, caves, underground spaces can give the compositions a universal character, the themes of the excavation of the basement, the subtraction , construction with voids and its variations. To these are added the importance of memory in architecture and construction of the new in the old, the permanence and inexhaustibility of architecture as a form building over time provides insights of contemporary attitudes make a difference and lack of communication that exists between archeology and architecture. Within the volume of short contributions of Latin Vincenzo and Nicola Scian guide to understand the work designed, written and built by Francesco Venezia.



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