Andrea Palladio

By Donata Battilotti
April 2011
Mondadori Electa
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788837074234
78 pages, Illustrated
$40.00 Paper Original

In 1570, after more than fifteen years of preparation, the printer Domenico de 'Franceschi published in Venice "The Four Books of Architecture by Andrea Palladio." The treaty, which masterfully combines drawings and text, distinguished by the extraordinary clarity lexical and graphics as well as for effective communication, became one of the biggest publishing successes of all time and its tables will draw much of its Western Europe. But beyond his triumph centuries, the Treaty is configured as immediate decisive move of a strategy artistic and professional that its author, Andrea from the Gondola, already dark stonemason born in Padua in November 1508, pursuing ever since, on the advice of the humanist and his protector Giangiorgio Trissino (1478-1550), retires the trivial name from the Gondola to take the evocative name of Palladio: name full of suggestions of the classical world and its legendary wisdom, personified as Pallas Athena, goddess owner, not surprisingly, the Parthenon, the most famous monument of antiquity.



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