Alfredo Jaar

Allessandro Mendini

American Product Design

Andrew Martin Interior Design Review, Vol. 13

Archibald Knox

Art of Ceramics

Art of Paper

Atelier van Lieshout

BCNSLCTD: Barcelona Designers

Berlin a Paris: Serge Lutens

Best of 3D Virtual Product Design

Branding & Spaces

Brands & Branding

Brands & Illustrators

Catellani & Smith
Since its first collection of Flex lamps in 1989, to the Atman light in 2008, the image of
Catellani & Smith, a company operating in the lighting sector, has spread worldwide.

Che Guevara

Cielo Venezia 1270
Sergio Cielo, a businessman who started with nothing and now runs a 60 million euro company
talks about his adventure as a dreamer who believed firmly in his own ideas.

Daniele Puppi
The first of a series of important projects that Daniele Puppi will
realize in 2008 at prestigious Italian and international art institutions.

De Rebus
Alda Fendi and Raffaele Curi show how simple containers like houses can be
transformed into works of art, masterpieces of design and furnishing...

Design & Italy: Stefano Giovannoni
Handy volumes with many illustrations and acute critical texts, analyzing the 40
most important projects, with abundant information for easy reference.

Design & Italy: Ron Arad
Israeli designer II is known to the public for its experimental productions and steel furniture.

Design Energetics

Design of the Other Things
The exhibition looks at the changes taking place in the world of design where design is
acting as an interface in ever-more diverse applications such as art, technology,
management, fashion and scientific research.

Design Sostenibile
Contemporary design must ensure the sustainability of the production
process, the product and the behavior which it results in.

Designing Corporate Identity

Destination: Limited-Edition Design
selection of the most exclusive contemporary art galleries, exhibition spaces and
concept stores, from New York to Tokyo, from London to Cologne.

Dom Perignon

Dreaming Jewelry

Eco Kids Design

Eco Packaging Design

Ecologicals: Bottles, Boxes & Bags

Finnish Design: The Mangano Collection.

Flat Illustration

Fly Flyer Fly, 2nd edition

Flying Graphics

Gio Ponti: La Committenza Fernandes
A new outlook on the work of the great Italian architect Gió Ponti.
A book focusing on three of the hotels he designed (in terms of
structure, furnishing, design accessories, etc.) in Naples, Sorrento
and Rome.

Graphic Beats [English & Spanish]

Green Design for Kids

Hand Made Graphics

Illustrated Packaging

Illustration on Advertising

I Love Badges! Buttons. Pins…

I Love Flyers!

Il Segno Dei Designer

Illustrated Maps

Innovative Stationery Graphics

Interior Italia
Thirty homes in which the authors illustrate that the urban style of
living from Turin to Milan, from Venice to Rome, from Naples to Bari.

Interiors for Living
Interiors for Living is a book dedicated to show a graphic testimony of the
different tendencies and trends of the best worldwide interior design

Interiors for Singles: New Trends

Jewellery of the House of Savoy

Kids Design

Kitchen & Materials: Wood Laminate Steel

Knit Pearl
The book describes the various aspects of the progession of the textile designer and analyzes the
various stages and methods of inventing, designing and making textiles.

Lettering: Drawing Letters

Lettering: Tips for Creation: The Beauty of Hand Drawn Letters

Light Design Now!

Luciano Fabro

Mags! Independent Magazine Design

Marco Ferreri: Designing Thoughts

Menu Design

Oggetti Sonori
The sound design has profoundly changed the way of understanding the project.

Only Graphic Design

Outdoor Design Dal 1870
Like most small and medium-size Italiancompanies, Ferrino is family-run.
When it was founded in Turin in 1870, the factory made waterproof fabrics and tarpaulins.
However, it soon became aware of the growing interest of late 19th-century society in the mountains.

Bottles, Labels, Boxes, Textures, Bags, Shapes, Papers, Colors

Pack! Pack!

Paolo Ulian: Tra Gioco e Discarica
The exhibition covers a series of designs
which are representative of Ulian’s work.

Pattern Book

Perino & Vele

Pio Manzu
A much-awaited study of the brief but intense creative life of a pioneering and very
brilliant 20th-Century designer who died prematurely at the age of 38.

Pirelli Stories of Work
Beginning in 1873, the year of inauguration of the establishment of Ponte Seveso Milan,
Pirelli began his work, bringing in the Industrial Revolution.

Plus Design

PlusWine: The Best & More Original Label Wines of the World

Poster Design

Promo! Calendars, Pamphlets, T-Shirts, and more..

Release Me! Previously Unreleased Projects

Remo Salvadori
The third Stein notebook is dedicated to Remo Salvadori, an exponent
of the generation that followed that of arte povera and conceptual art,
an artist capable of a new way of conceiving and formulating art.

Retail Shopping Bags

Retro & Vintage

Serials & One-Offs
The true mission of the Triennale will be to achieve a broader concept of
design which goes beyond fashion and food facts.

Space Age Lights
The Triennale Design Museum presents a selection of more than 60 table-lamps,
designed and produced in the years of the late ‘60s and early ’70s, at a time that was
rechristenedby design historians as the “Space Age".

Street Art

Street Art Stencils!

Street T

Super Funny Advertising

Rather than re-proposing a tried and true model, Taif revisits and reinterprets characteristic
elements of the traditional Venetian glass chandelier...

This is Visual Merchandising!

Tisettanta: Forty Years of Design, Forty Years of Home

Triennale Design Musuem
To coincide with the important 2010 edition of the Design Museum
exhibition Alessandro Mendini attempts to answer the simple, but
vital question “what is Italian design?”

Typographic Design
TYPOGRAPHIC DESIGN is a book about the last tendencies in the universe of fonts.

Ultimate Branding

Ultimate Interiors: Room by Room

Ultimate Logos Designers

Urban Bags

Vetri e Metalli: Marco Zanuso Jr
“The way Marco Zanuso Jr conceives his design approach goes way back.
It is rooted in the noblest traditions of the design culture while, equally, presenting
unquestionably contemporary notions

Watches: Eye on the Time

Water Pack!

We Invite You

We Try to Build the Future

What is Italian Design?
Combining elegance with jubilation and exuberance triggered a volume exposure and
self-reflective, able to see the significance of the objects in the original design proud of their design...

Whispered: Directory of Craftsmanship