Eco Packaging Design
[In English & Spanish]

Edited by Josep Minguet & Miguel Abellan
June 2012
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9788415223405
192 pages, Illustrated
$62.50 Paper original

Packaging products are designed to last as long as possible before recycling, where the vital process starts all over again. The importance of recyclable packaging is clearly recognised by all market sectors; either because the procuct itself is natural and eco-friendly or manufacturers with to draw attention to the essence of the product, demonstrating commitment to enviornmental protection through company products. On the whole, awareness as regards the importance of recycled products is gradually increasing. Some products are even manufactured solely from sustainable, recycled and eco-friendly materials even though this is not openly illustrated. The interest shown by designers in this field of packaging is clearly demonstrated by the outcome of numerous remarkable projects. Recyclable packaging, packaging produced from sustainable, eco-friendly recycled materials, re-usable packaging in its existing state, at least for a couple of times more or even repeatedly.


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