Ultimate Logos Designers

[English & Spanish]

Edited by: Josep Maria Minguet
May 2015
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788415829836
144 Pages, Illustrated
$38.50 Hardcover


Creating a logo is always a process and the result of reason and emotion. We should never expect a logo to occur by magic, chance, or worse, by lighting a fit of good taste. Ideal trademarks, the immaculate world of ideas. Sometimes designers have too academic and structured perspective is the customer who puts our feet on the ground and confronts us with the reality, and sometimes it is he who argues from the "common sense", from prejudice or myth and it's up to us to provide critical thinking and help you review the clichés and find a new way of thinking your own project. The signs that we find in these pages-and those that were in the way-are certainly the result of hard work, thought and heart.