Art History

1960 L'Anno Dei Re a Napoli

Accademia Galleries in Venice
A quick guide to the most important collection of Venetian painting from the
fourteenth century to the eighteenth century

Agony & the Ecstasy:
Guido Reni's Saint Sebastians

Andalusian Morocco
A Discovery in Living Art
Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

Arte Veneta, 64
A collection of critical comments, monographs and short thematic essays that
appeared in the influential journal Arte Veneta

Cezanne in Florence

Collage / Collages: From Cubism to New Dada

Degas: La Famiglia Bellelli

Discover Islamic Art in the Mediterannean

Doge's Palace Paradiso

Early Ottoman Art: Legacy of the Emirates
Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean


An absolute must-see archaeological exhibition on the cities of southern etruria by one of italy's
leading experts on the Etruscan civilisation. A wealth of essays and a vast collection of
photographs illustrate original theories, previously unpublished finds and the
lifesize reconstruction of whole temples and tombs

The incredible influence of a japanese literary classic on oriental figurative
art by one of the leading experts on japanese culture.

The customs and popularity of these almost mythological figures.

Grandi Sculture da Ercolano
An important exhibition of recently restored works from the Archaeological Museum on
view to the public for the first time. Among others, the famous statues from various digs at the Villa dei Papiri

Granet Tra Roma e Parigi
The exhibition devoted to Francois-Marius Granet (1775-1849) contains about 100
works (oils and water-colors) which highlight different aspects of the French painter's work

House of Augustus
The first, long awaited publication about one of the less known treasures of Roman painting.

Thirteen Centuries of Art & Architecture in Tunisia
Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

Il Divo Vespasiano
Written contributions by leading experts and forceful pictures, as well as the exhibition in the
Amphithater and Domus on the Palatino Hill which are named after the Flavians,
reveal the true face of the Emporers of this dynasty.

In Scaena

Islamic Art in Portugal
In the Lands of the Enchanted Moorish Maiden
Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

La Divina Commedia
Inferno, Purgatory, Paradiso is the literary equivalent of the poetic visionary Martini,
one of the many illustrators of Dante by Botticelli to Zuccari, from William Blake to Dorè.


Luca Cambiaso: 1527-1585

Mamluk Art: The Splendour & Magic
of the Sultans

Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

Manueline: Portuguese Art During
the Great Discoveries



Nascere, Vivere e Morire a Pompei



Pilgrimage, Sciences & Sufism
Islamic Art in the West Bank & Gaza
Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean


Raffaello e Urbino
A previously unpublished reconstruction of the child prodigy's youth in Urbino...

Salvator Rosa
The monographic exhibition on Salvator Rosa (April 19-June 29 2008) is part of the
cultural program of the Superintendency Nature Napoletano...

Sargent & Venice

Siculo-Norman Art
Islamic Culture in Medieval Sicily
Series: Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

She-Wolf & the Sphinx
The review aims to document, with about eighty artworks, the chronological arc that
runs from the second century BC until the Age of Enlightenment...

Tra Picasso e Dubuffet

Turner Monet Pollack:
From Romanticism to Informal Art

Umayyads: Rise of Islamic Art
Series: Islamic Art in the Medieterranean