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Turner Monet Pollack:
From Romanticism to Informal Art

Edited by Matteo Vercelloni
June 2006
Edizioni Electa
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
336 Pages, Illustrated.
$97.50 Paper

The unifying thread of the publication is in the title that is chosen from the two volumes published by Giulio Einaudi just three years before the death of Arcangeli in 1977, and brings together the most important of his writings. The volume will chronologically present the English romantics, in particular Turner and Constable, and their forerunners Reynolds and Gainsborough.

These are followed by important figures of French painting, Corot and Courbet who were considered milestones in the 19th c. for new ideas on "nature" which he analyses and also finds in Impressionism with Cézanne, Renoir and Monet.

The 'Informal' represents for Arcangeli the condition in which art and existence were inseparable: the protagonists being Wols, Dubuffet, De Staël, and Pollock -- the real apex of Arcangeli's work according to the common thread to this
romantic journey.

The final part belongs to the Italians Burri , Leoncillo and the "last naturalists" Morlotti , Mandelli and Moreni.


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