By Maria Tomei, et al.
November 2011
Mondadori Electa
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788837085186
256 pages, Illustrated
$87.50 Hardcover

With this exhibition the last Julio-Claudian emperor, you want to revisit the figure of Nero, in his time heavily penalized by the propaganda of the aristocracy, and enhance the news about two aspects of the kingdom: the fire that destroyed most of the city in 64 AD, and the consequent policy of reconstruction begun by the emperor in Rome from 64 to 68 AD The exhibition takes place in the archaeological center of Rome, in the most ancient spaces, thus creating a direct relationship with the places where the Nero himself intervened and lived both before and after the fire. The exhibition is accompanied by a wider examination of the figure of Nerone, through his family relationships, the propaganda of the time and the luck that made it so "infamous" the emperor's name until today. They then provided a section on ancient and modern Nero, a section on portraits of his family and in particular of Claudius, his mother Agrippina and wives of the emperor, another propaganda on Nero, which saw the assimilation of 'Emperor of the Sun and its celebration as a charioteer and the winner of the Parties. It will be the Coliseum to accommodate the reconstruction of the fire, which is based on material found in recent excavations. They allowed us to recognize the situation of the valley of the Colosseum the day before the fire, on the day of the catastrophe (18 July 64 AD) and then the beginning of the reconstruction of the area.




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