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Venice Carnival

Text by Paolo Alei
Photography by Virginio Favale
June 2003
Artmedia Press
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
144 Pages, Illustrated. 9 1/2 x 11 3/4"
$72.50 Paper

The Venice Carnival is known worldwide as a symbol of all that is lavish, passionate and original in costume and design. It is a feast of the senses that interprets the world through allegory using themes from the seasons, the cosmos, the elements, mythology, history, politics, and culture.

This book analyzes both the ancient and modern significance of the Venice Carnival.

Allegorical Feast in a Personified City
The Calendar of the Masks
Violence & Spectacle
Humanist Theatre
Comdey & Curiosity
Decadence & Transgression
Apex & Decline
Revival of Carnival

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