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Tokyo Tales

By Stella Whalley
August 2007
Art Books International
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
96 Pages, Illustrated.
$57.50 Hardback

In a dream-like space where West meets East, wild monkeys scramble over blue rooftops and vending machines dispense live crabss. Courtesans with blackend mouths rub shoulders with hentai cosplay shemales while colorful cascades of twisted wild wisteria tumble over hillsides and giant carp kites flutter in the breeze.

This is a place where platinum-blonde, silver lipped ganguro girls hang out with tattooed yakuza. White V shapes are painted onto delicate ladies necks and enigmatic shadows are cast on paper screens.

In this book, the author takes us on a highly personal journey through her experience of contemporary Japan. Through a combination of image and text we follow her deeper and deeper into a land that is part fantasy, part livid reality, as we come to see the richness and multivalency of Japanese culture as apprehended through the eyes of a western artist.

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