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Sports: A Photographic Essay

Edited by Feierabend
May 2004
Feierabend Unqiue Books
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
794 Pages, Illustrated. 5 3/8 x 5 3/8"
$42.50 Hardcover

This book celebrates one of the most enduring and universal preoccupations. From the joy of the Brazillian football team to shoeless boys playing football on the streets of Soweto -- from the intimdating beauty of the world-beating Ferrari F1 car to the defeated and inconsolate Olympic fencer. But it's also a book about the reportage and art of photography.

All the photos in this volume are the work of the world's leading specialist sports photographic agency--Action Images, founded in 1983 and employing 12 staff photographers among them traveling over a million miles each year and shooting some 5,000 events, pressing the shutter release button about 1.4 million times!

Action Images covers an enormous range of events in this book, from Elephant polo in Nepal to the Olympic Games and the FIFA Football World Cup Finals. This book captures images over the past 21 years, many of which have never been before published.


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