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Maurizio Cattelan
Series: Supercontemporanea

By Francesco Manacorda
September 2006
Edizioni Electa
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
108 Pages, Illustrated. 6 3/4 x 8 1/4"
$42.50 Paper

Maurizio Cattelan is the best-known Italian artist to have emerged internationally in the 1990s, and his reputation continues to grow. This comprehensive and authoritative overview presents his sculptures that mock the art system and even the artist himself, with considerable wit and audacity.

He pokes fun at art history, monumentality, his native Italy, and often makes fun of himself and his own inability to be a responsible, "serious" artist.

Part jester, part accuser of the contemporary art world, part thief, Cattelan also conveys a lonely desperation behind the humour and sarcasm in his unconventional works.

In over 100 pages this publication documents the artist's career to date, a survey of key works, an interview commissioned especially for the book, and a fully
illustrated chronology charting exhibitions.

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