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Luxury Design
Luxury New Codes & Jewel Design

Edited by Anna Albano
April 2007
Silvana Editoriale
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
96 Pages, Color Illustrations, 9 3/8 x 9 1/2"
$46.50 Paper

Luxury New Codes & Jewel Design a showcase exclusively devoted to Valenza jewelry at the Salone del Mobile (Milan Furniture Exhibition -- the world's leading trade fair where design is concerned), undoubtedly marks an important milestone for a manufacturing district wanting to open itself up and put down roots in an ever wider and cross-disciplinary value network.

Finding points of contact and models of cooperation with fashion and design systems in order to create synergies with Valenza-based jewelry businesses offers a wide range of possibilities for exhibition purposes; areas devoted to the history of jewelry manufacture (with important pieces from Valenza's craft and industrial heritage on show), and areas illustrating the very latest in contemporary production methods.

Valenza's policy has been to operate as an open system, a "metamanufacturing-district" using connections with groups of enterprises to create a new value chain, starting with the district's core competencies and broadening out to include a relational network of businesses, trade associations, local government bodies and fashion, design and luxury goods systems. In following this road, it has for many years enjoyed the constant support of the Cassa Risparmio di Alessandria Foundation.

The Foundation has initated a series of partnerships with local bodies. These include major agreements, such as the creation of the ExpoPiemonte exhibition centre (which has also had repercussions beyond the sector itself), the establishment of high-added-value projects such as the Prometeo consortium to provide technical support for jewelry businesses through training and staff development, and a series of exhibitions in Madrid, Lisbon, Rabat, Tokyo and Las Vegas to disseminate the virtues of our region, which in the Organizations's institutional policy has always occupied a central position.


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