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India Poems: The Photographs

Photography By W.X. Waswo
June 2006
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
156 Pages, Illustrated
$75.00 Hardback

Waswo X. Waswo provides us with a glimpse into India's ageless soul with a series of enigmatic, subtly crafted photographs. But India Poems: The Photographs is not just another glossy travel book for the tourist market. It presents the reader with a thoughtful debate on aesthetics, and examines the moral and cultural difficulties a Western photographer must face when taking a supposedly 'Third World' country for his subject.

Foreword by Ranjit Hoskote, with additional commentary by Pushpamala N., Prasad Bidapa, Marta Jakimowicz, J. Shimon and J. Lindemann, Pheroza Godrej, Dr. Curtis Carter, Jack and Kathie Massey, Judith Ann Moriarty, Arti Rajan Fulari, Dorrie Younger, Prasad Abu Bakr and more.





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