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Harmony & Innovation
Problems & Dangers in Dealing with
Rapid Urbanization in China

By Qiu Baoxing
March 2008
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9788878381476
487 Pages, Illustrated
$62.50 Paper

This book provides scholars and operators all over the world with an opportunity for direct insight into the most dynamic approaches to town-planning in China today.

With authority and keeping an eye on the latest international cultural trends, the author outlines the vision and the problems of the extraordinary transformation that, over the next twenty years, will change China's economic and social scenario and with it the condition of hundreds of millions of inhabitants of the country.

"Harmony and Innovation": a pair that is full of meaningful implications for contemporary architectural and town-planning thought. The principle of harmony, taken to mean a criterion for measuring the human project and its ultimate limit, moreover, finds its parallel in the principle that, in the west, we call sustainability. It is precisely the encounter between harmony and sustainability, in a framework of innovation, that can originate a search for trans-cultural paradigms capable of supporting a fruitful design oriented dialogue between different worlds, as was the case in the recent co-operation between China and Italy in the context of the "100 cities" project.

Urbanization and Harmonized Society, Energy-saving and Green Building, Environmental Friendliness and Urban Water Problem, Urban Planning System Renovation and Harmony, Urban Rural Overall Planning and Construction, Municipal Public Utilities, Urbanization and Resources Preservation are the problems on which the author expresses his far-reaching and definitely interesting thoughts in this book.

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