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Girls--New Look, Volume 1
In English & Spanish Texts

Edited by Eva Minguet Camara, et al.
December 2007
Instituto Monsa
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
93 Pages, Illustrated. 9 7/8 x 13 5/8"
$62.50 Hardcover

The latest trends in women's hairdressing are clearly influenced by new cultural movements and the role of women in today's society. In this book we will find new ideas and techniques from the world's great hairdressing professionals who not only revamp old styles and bring the beautiful to light but also promote individuality.

We would like also to give hairdressing, and especially the new ideas and its creative execution, the international support it deserves, because creativity knows no bounds and it is only through expansion that this creativity becomes  enriched, transformed and recognized for worth. For this reason we have included some of the greatest professionals from around the world such as Essensuals Evolution Toni & Guy, Paul Stafford, Sanrizz, Adam Noble, Trevor Sorbie, etc.

We can appreciate the quality of their work, familiarize ourselves better with their techniques and programs, and refresh our ideas on seeing the trends established around the world.


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