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Gabo on Gabo:
Texts & Interviews

Edited By Martin Hammer & Christina Lodder
May 2000
Artists Bookworks
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
295 Pages, Illustrated, 7 1/2 x 10"
$67.50 Paper

This is the first publication of the collected writings of Naum Gabo. It includes 48 essays, articles, catalogue introductions and interviews, some of which have never been published, or are published here in English for the first time. They have been collected and introduced by Christina Lodder (University of St. Andrews) and Martin Hammer (University of Edinburgh).

Gabo's artistic career began in Russia around 1920. He lived in Europe, Britain and America, and these major phases of his work have determined the chapters in the book. The layout and design are based on Circle, published in London in 1937, of which he was an editor.

Gabo's writings are a meeting place of artistic reflection, theory and analysis of Constructive Art as it has spanned the 20th Century. Together, this material offers a rich insight into Gabo's thinking about the relationships between art and society, architecture, technology and the modern scientific world-view. Speaking in his own words, Gabo illuminates his career, his motivations, his snese of his role and that of the artist in general in modern art, and his peresonal psychology.

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