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Fashion Forever
30 Years of Subculture

Written & Edited By Liz Farrelly
Photographs by Iain McKell
August 2005
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
120 Pages, Color Illustrations
$36.50 Paper

It’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it!

This wry, stimulating, and at times shocking look at what British youth have been wearing over the last few decades is a lesson in mix and match styling that even the most exhausted fashion victim will be seduced by.

Since the emergence of Punk in 1970s London, photographer Iain McKell has been seeking out and documenting the most innovative and more outrageous aspects of UK street fashion. From Skins and New Romantic to Ravers, Travellers and Metalheads – all life is here. The influence these individuals and gangs have had on mainstream fashion is beyond doubt; now you can return to the source. Plus, enjoy cameo appearances from notable styleleaders!

McKell’s aim was to document attitudes and outfits, of people photo-graphed on the streets of London. The resulting image bank is a wild affirmation of fashion as worn by individuals.

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