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David Nash
Forms into Time

By Marina Warner
July 2001
Artmedia Press
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
128 Pages, Illustrated, 10 x 12"
$56.50 Paper Original

David Nash's career as one of Britain's best known sculptors has been a profound exploration into the possibilities of form inherent in trees and timber. His sculptures combine a Twentieth-Century sensibility with an ability to draw out the natural anatomy of different woods.

A lifelong researcher into the language of wood, Nash utilizes traditional methods of woodsmanship gathered from all around the world -- hedge laying, the pruning of fruit trees, the building of gates -- evolving thos agricultural skills increasingly lost in an industrial age. Found within his pieces is a deeper echo of their importance of wood as shelter and fuel, and also as a potent symbol of both life and death.

With an extensive essay by Marina Warner, David Nash: Forms into Time illustrates, in special pages designed by the artist, fourteen themes that have run throughout his work for the last thirty years. Explanatory texts, sketches andphotographs taken at all stages of the creative process show familiar pieces in a new light, such as the Ash Dome, Threshold Column and Wooden Boulder as well as exploring recent work from Japan, the United States and Europe. They emphasise the effect of time and the changing seasons on his pieces. The book is an invaluable introduction to Nash's artistic practice illuminating the thought processes and depth of reference which lie behind his work.

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