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Contemporary Vision:
Art & Photojournalism

Edited by Barbara Fassler & Aldo Grasso
August 2006
Edizioni Electa
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
120 Pages, Illustrated.
$62.50 Paper

In today's world, the press (printed, visual) plays a major world in informing us of current events from each continent as they happen and these are accompanied by an array of visuals. This publication demonstrates how six artists have taken major personalities or events which have been aired / printed by the media and have reworked them to turn into pieces of contemporary art! These photographs reflect our perception of the world and create our historical conscience as well as our visual memory.

Their work reminds us that every image we see influences our judgement and implies a point of view. In this particular work, they have each chosen an event which has had a major impact on a world wide scale and have reworked it order to show the viewer the different angles in which that message can be perceived.

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