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Cheri Samba

Edited by Luca Beatrice
December 2007
Silvana Editoriale
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
64 Pages, Illustrated. 6 1/2 x 9 1/2"
$44.50 Paper

From the sketches sold outside the school to the paintings on flour sacks, to the sucess in the 1980s when he became a well known artist in Europe and the USA, Cheri Samba's poetics have focused on the city of Kinshasa, formerly Leopoldville, (in the Congo) and its particular atmosphere.

His paintings are executed with bright acrylic colors and always reveal a staged setting. The stylized cartoon-like characters are depicted with meaningful and eloquent expressions; the outlines of the drawings are exaggerated. Through constrasts and subtle provocations, Samba investigates urban life in Africa--from social mores to political corruption; from AIDS to prostitution, from neglected roads to popular legends.


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