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Camere Oscure
The Best of Valerio de Berardinis'
Photographic Productions
[English & Italian Text]

Edited By Mondadori Electa
January 2009
Mondadori Electa, Milan, Italy
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9788837068387
212 Pages, 150 Color Plates

$115.00 Hardcover

Camere Oscure is a large-format photographic book that amasses the best of Valerio de Berardinis' photographic production from the last 20 years. The book takes an original look at the history of Italian usage and the world of communication in more than 150 photographs that take readers on an exciting and unique journey.

An atypical portrait artist who is self-critical, ironical and has a piercing eye for the dark places of human weakness, Valerio de Berardinis describes
photography as space frozen in time - a blink in life.

The portrayal of reality is filtered via elegant and carefully constructed images that may look like just snapshots but always conceal a second interpretation, although never afraid to hide the simpler emotions of human life.

The decision to use music titles for the chapters to create sound intervals also reveals a desire to daydream. The critical presentation is by Dr. Lorand Hegyi Directeur Général Musée d'Art de Saint-Etienne.

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