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Art? No Thing!
Analogies Between Art, Science & Philosophy

By Fre Iigen
Edited by Megan Criag
July 2004
PRO Foundation - Artists Bookworks
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
431 Pages, Illustrated, 6 3/4 x 9 1/2"
$72.50 Paper Original

Fre Ilgen shows how the developments in art, science and philosophy are more closely linked and related than generally is assumed. She looks at the timeless meaning of the experience of art, the search for essence, beauty and the sublime.

The Essence: The Eidos. No Thingness. The 8 as Metaphor. Semiotics,    Linguistics, The Science of Art.
On Constructivism.

Biederman - Bohm
The Projective Field: The Brain. On Illusion. Extension. Thinking & Geometry.    Focus of Attention. Volition, Self-Augmentation & Manipulation.
Space/Time: Continuum. Space/Time in Art & Science
Object & Self: Kinesis & Extention. Particles or Waves. Philosophical, Artistics     & Scientific Concepts.
Dissolving Duality: Self-Nature, Intution & memory. Cohesion, Order,    Structure, Harmony.
Greatness Under the Threat of Decadence.
Narrative of Being.
Shape of Beauty: Amorphic/Organic. Geometric. Spiral-Like Oscaillation.
Our Bodies in the Universe, The Universe in Our Bodies.
A Call for a New Baroque?
List of Literature.

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