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Alexone: Came a Yeau, 2004-2006.
(Drug for Eyes)
In English & French Languages

By Alexone
December 2007
Kitchen 93
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
204 Pages, Illustrated. 7 3/4 x 8 1/2"
$57.50 Hardcover

From the Author:
"The book you're holding in your hands is an inventory of the last two or three years working in a studio. I'm presenting here my exhibitions, my paintings and my drawings. This period coincides with a moment in my life where i have wanted to work more in detail. It is somewhat an introspection of me as a painter where graffiti and my street work take up less space, as if to better nourish my work in the studio. I want this book to be simple and passionate. In doing the lay-out myself, i have filled it with small, often graphic, detail. I have listed the music which accompanied my creations. Rather diversified, it is a true driving force in my work permitting escape even while establishing an atmosphere and a kind of energy. These last years have been difficult, because it is hard to maintain the desire to be truthful and straight in one's personal work. I've lost quite a few friends and illusions and hope that this book will permit me to keep memories of only the better moments and give me the strength to continue my own struggle much like a modern warrior in search of his truth.









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