Mathematics for Engineers:
A Modern Interactive Approach
2nd edition

By Manfred Gartner
December 2003
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-13-120193-X
$87.50 paper original

Mathematics is crucial to all aspects of engineering and technology. Understanding key mathematical concepts and applying them successfully to solve problems are vital skills every engineering student must acquire. This text teaches, applies and nurtures those skills. Mathematics for Engineers is informal, accessible and practically oriented. The material is structured so students build up their knowledge and understanding gradually. The interactive examples have been carefully designed to encourage students to engage fully in the problem-solving process.

Features: Complete and comprehensive coverage of all essential areas of first year engineering mathematics. Hundreds of fully worked, wide ranging examples from many branches of engineering . Content divided into self-contained blocks for ease of study. Carefully structured interactive examples with conveniently placed solutions to encourage student participation. Key points and important results highlighted throughout. Wealth of practice and revision exercises with solutions. Computer and calculator examples and exercises covering a broad range of software.

New to this edition: New key foundation section gives students a firm base in arithmetic from which to comfortably engage the algebra which follows. New material on the use of computer algebra packages for graphs, integral calculus and solutions to differential equations using Maple, Derive, Matlab and Mathcad. New chapter on functions of several variables and partial differentiation. New material on numerical methods for integration, non-linear equations and first-order differential equations. New specimen practice-exam questions with solutions on the web. Additional applications for digital audio technology.

Student support includes--An interactive CD testing and assessment package, fully-updated for this edition, with multi-choice and hot-spot questions that allow students to test their understanding of key topics. New foundation calculations questions also on CD. Specimen practice exam questions with solutions on the web. A Companion Website including solutions manual, practice exam solutions and worksheets.

"Students will find this textbook very useful; it contains good explanations, worked examples and a range of appropriate exercises. The style is user-friendly and will encourage students to work through the examples and develop their mathematical skills."
----Dr Jeff Haggett, University of Brighton.

"This is an excellent text for developing the skills and. confidence of first year students of engineering mathematics."
----Dr Kevin Golden, University of the West of England

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