Psychology: The Science of Mind & Behaviour
5th edition. Contains CD-ROM

By Richard Gross
August 2005
Hodder Murray
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780340900987
1007 pages, Illustrated, 8 x 10 3/4"
$87.50 paper original

Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour has been described as the ‘trailblazer in the psychology textbook revolution’ and ‘the psychology student’s “bible”’. It has established itself as the benchmark introductory psychology textbook.

Its 50 chapters cover every conceivable topic – from substance abuse to health psychology, from criminological psychology to moral development. This fifth edition has been fully revised to incorporate significant recent research findings and provides a comprehensive resource for readers at all levels.

Now in full colour and generously illustrated to bring the text to life, this new edition is more reader-friendly than ever and features:

· a concise introduction and overview for each chapter
· full chapter summaries to aid revision and consolidate learning
· interactive questions to stimulate discussion and promote understanding.

A brand new CD-Rom in the back of the book supplies fantastic extra resources for every chapter, including:

· drag-and-drop exercises
· self-assessment questions
· sample essay answers
· downloadable schemas
· useful websites and further reading linking to every chapter.

Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour 5th edition is the definitive introduction to psychology. Essential reading for all psychology students and those following a wide range of courses – including health, nursing and social work – as well as the interested general reader.

Table of Contents:
The Nature and Scope of Psychology
  What is this thing called psychology?
  Theoretical approaches to psychology
  Psychology as a science
The Biological Basis of Behaviour and Experience
  The nervous system
  Sensory processes
  States of consciousness and bodily rhythms
  Substance dependence and abuse
  Learning and conditioning
  Application: health psychology
Cognitive Psychology
  Attention and performance
  Pattern recognition
  Perception: processes and theories
  The development of perceptual abilities
  Memory and forgetting
  Language, thought and culture
  Language acquisition
  Problem-solving, decision-making and artificial intelligence
  Application: cognition and the law
Social Psychology
  Social perception
  Attitudes and attitude change
  Prejudice and discrimination
  Conformity and group influence
  Interpersonal relationships
  Aggression and antisocial behaviour
  Altruism and prosocial behaviour
  Application: the social psychology of sport
Developmental Psychology
  Early experience and social development
  Development of the self-concept
  Cognitive development
  Moral development
  Gender development
  Old age
  Application: exceptional development
Individual Differences
  Psychological abnormality: definitions and classification
  Treatments and therapies
  Application: criminological psychology
Issues and Debates
  Bias in psychological theory and research
  Ethical issues in psychology
  Free will and determinism, and reductionism
  Nature and nurture

About the Author(s):
Richard Gross is the author of Essential A2 Psychology for AQA(A) and Essential AS Psychology for AQA(A), and numerous other bestselling psychology textbooks published by Hodder & Stoughton.

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