Law of the European Community, 4th edition
Foundation Studies in Law Series

By John Fairhurst & Christopher Vincenzi
December 2003
Longman / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-582-47346-2
656 Pages, Illustrated
$82.50 paper original

This updated fourth edition of Law of the European Community provides a realistic, non-abstract treatment of European Community Law for students. Topics are illustrated as far as possible by decisions of the ECJ referred by UK courts, and each major area of substantive law is explored by way of its implementation in the UK. The first part of the book focuses on the institutions and general principles of EC law in some depth, while the remaining three parts focus on the main principles of the substantive law- free movement of persons and services and rights of establishment; free movement of goods; and competition law.

This new edition includes detailed analysis of the changes wrought by the Treaty of Nice including the implications of the Treaty for an enlarged Community and the current timetable for enlargement to possibly 21 Member States in 2004. Part I of the book also includes consideration of Europe's role in a globalized world, post-September 11.

Recent caselaw developments are covered including- a new and possibly defining case on European citizenship (Grzelczyk, case C-184/99); a new case on the definition of 'worker' (Ghislain Leclere, case C-43/99); a new case on permissible restrictions to the free movement of services (Geraets-Smits, case C-157/99); a new case on 'current or future threat to public policy' in the context of free movement of persons; a new case on whether restrictions on the advertising of alcohol in one Member State comprise a restriction on the free movement of goods; new cases in competition law discussing whether state subsidies of renewable energy sources comprise an anti-competitive measure, and whether the network of agreements between a wholesaling brewery and its tenants is anti-competitive. The Internet references introduced to the previous edition have been revised and expanded, providing students with access to the sites of the various institutions and full text of various documents and case reports.

John Fairhurst BA PgDip MPhil Solicitor is the Huddersfield University Business School's Head of Collaborative Provision. He is a Jean Monnet tutor in EC Law and was previously Course Director of the University of Huddersfield's Postgraduate Diploma in Law (CPE) program.. Christopher Vincenzi BA MA PhD Solicitor was formerly Visiting Lecturer in European Law at the University of Huddersfield.

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