Law for Journalists, 4th UK ed.


By: Frances Quinn
January 2014
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781447923060
553 Pages
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Engaging, relevant and comprehensive, Law for Journalists is the must-have guide to media law for journalism students, trainees and working journalists alike. This popular text is specifically structured for journalism courses, including those accredited by the NCTJ and BJTC. Offering practical guidance and an engaging insight into the law as it relates to journalists, this new edition continues to enhance the strong reputation of this text.


Section 1 – Law and the legal system

1. How law is made

2. The legal system

3. Criminal courts and procedure

4. Civil courts and procedure

5. Human rights and English Law

Section 2 – Writing about the Courts

6. Contempt of court

7. Access to the courts

8. General reporting restrictions

9. Reporting restrictions in criminal cases

10. Reporting restrictions concerning children

11. Reporting the family courts

12. Reporting inquests

13. Reporting tribunals and inquiries

14. Challenging reporting restrictions

Section 3 – Defamation and malicious falsehood

15. Defamation

16. Defences and remedies for defamation

17. Malicious falsehood

Section 4 – Privacy, confidentiality and copyright

18. Breach of confidence

19. Privacy

20. Trespass and Harassment

21. Protecting sources and source material

22. Data protection

23. Copyright

Section 5 – Codes of Practice

24. The Editor’s Code of Practice of the Press Complaints Committee

25. The Ofcom Code

Section 6 – Reporting government and business

26. Official secrets

27. Reporting local government

28. Reporting elections

29. Freedom of information

30. Writing about business

Section 7 – Race, religion and public order

31. Race and religion

Section 8 – Photography

32. Photography

Appendix 1 Editors' Code of Practice

Appendix 2 Ofcom Broadcasting Code

Appendix 3 Defamation Act 1996, Schedule 1 (Parts I and II)


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