Introduction to Forensic & Criminal Psychology, 4th edition

By Dennis Howitt
March 2012
Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780273736219
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
604 pages, Illustrated
$77.50 Paper Original

With broad, in-depth coverage of this fascinating subject, Introduction to Forensic and Criminal Psychologyremains the most authoritative, readable and popular text in the field. Theory is prominent throughout and a range of in-text features – substantially enhanced in this new edition – make this an engaging and valuable resource.

The fourth edition is revised to include new chapters on therapy in prison and the psychology of lie detection, and has greatly extended coverage of courtroom processes. It has been brought fully up-to-date with significant new research.

An interactive website supports this book at This features a range of useful resources including multiple choice questions, example essay questions, links to further reading, a guide to becoming a forensic psychologist as well as interviews with researchers about their work in the field.

Clear and comprehensive, this is an essential textbook for undergraduates studying psychology, applied psychology and criminology. It is also extremely useful in many other subjects for which students need an understanding of how psychology relates to criminal justice and the law.


Provisional table of contents - reviewing to be carried out from January 2011 onwards and contents to be reviewed again after this:

1 What is forensic and criminal psychology?

2 The social context of crime

3 Crime and the public

4 Victims of crime

5 Theories of crime

6 Juvenile offenders and beyond

7 Theft and other crimes against property

8 Violent offenders

9 Sexual offenders 1: rapists

10 Sexual offenders 2: paedophiles and child molestation

11 Police psychology

12 Terrorism and hostage-taking incidents

13 Eyewitness testimony

14 Profile analysis 1: FBI-style offender profiling

15 Profile Analysis 2: Investigative psychology and statistical profiling

16 False allegations

17 False confessions

18 Lies, lie detecting and credibility 1: the psychology of lie detection

19 Lies, lie detecting and credibility 2: The polygraph test and statement validity analysis

20 Children as witnesses

21 Mental disorders and crime

22 Mental, personality and intellectual problems in court

23 Judges and lawyers

24 Juries and decision making

25 Effective prison

26 Psychological treatments for prisoners and other offenders

27 Assessment of risk, dangerousness and recidivism



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