Brilliant Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 2nd edition
How to Use CBT to Improve Your Life

By Dr. Stephen Briers
January 2013
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273777731
284 pages, Illustrated
$37.50 Paper Original

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) delivers powerful tools that can help you dramatically improve your life.

This is the most useful and practical guide to CBT available. Written by highly regarded Clinical Psychologist Dr Stephen Briers, it clearly explains how CBT works, giving you plenty of exercises to help put the theory into practice and illustrate the effectiveness through stories from people who have used CBT to turn their lives around.

Clear, concise and highly readable.

Brilliant Outcomes:

- Understand what CBT is, its methods and models

- Put CBT to work to improve your mind and your life

- Build practical, step-by-step strategies for tackling any problem



About the author

Author’s acknowledgements

Publisher’s acknowledgements

1 So what’s so brilliant about CBT?

2 First principles

3 Common thinking traps – and how to avoid them

4 Grappling with negative thinking

5 Using behaviour to change your mind

6 Mapping out your problems

7 Beating the blues

8 Conquering anxiety

9 Taming anger

10 Boosting self-esteem

11 Breaking the cycle: using CBT to overcome addictions and destructive habits

Afterword: over to you now

References and further reading

Useful websites

Appendix 1 Brilliant directory of online CBT courses, computer-based tools and smartphone applications

Appendix 2 Example of a thought record

Appendix 3 Blank forms and thought record templates

Appendix 4 What to do if it's not working


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