GCSE Religious Studies
Philosophy & Applied Ethics Revision Guide for OCR B

By Jon Mayled
February 2010
Hodder Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781444110715
94 pages
$19.50 Paper original

GCSE Religious Studies B: Philosophy and Applied Ethics for OCR B Revision Guide has been written by an experienced examiner in order to help students achieve examination success. It has been designed to:
- help students learn what they need to know for the examination by breaking down and summarising the content of the Philosophy and Applied Ethics units into bite-size chunks
- allow students to practice the examination skills they need through providing exam-style questions and answers
- give students confidence in knowing what the examiner is looking for through providing examination guidance.

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Table of Contents:

Unit B601 Philosophy 1
Topic 1 Belief about Deity
Topic 2 Religious and spiritual experience
Topic 3 The end of life
Unit B602 Philosophy 2
Topic 4 Good and Evil
Topic 5 Religion, Reason and Revelation
Topic 6 Religion and Science
Unit B603 Applied Ethics 1
Topic 1 Religion and human relationships
Topic 2 Religious and medical ethics
Topic 3 Religion, poverty and wealth
Unit B604 Applied Ethics 2
Topic 4 Religion, peace and justice
Topic 5 Religion and equality
Topic 6 Religion and the media
Model answers to questions
Examination guidance

About the Author(s):
Jon Mayled is an experienced examiner

Consultant: Judith Anderson - a senior examiner


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