Better French
Achieving Fluency with Everyday Speech
In-Focus - A Studymates Series

By Monique Jackson
Studymates Limited
April 2005
ISBN: 1842850660
160 Pages, 6 " x 9 "
$29.50 Paper Original

Many people learn French for years at school, only to reach a plateau beyond which they never emerge. This book is an effective short-cut to fluency in French. Now in its third edition, Better French helps the intermediate reader reach fluency by showing them the right way to use 'problem' words. It addresses the subtleties of the language: Are donc and alors interchangeable? What about grand or gros? When do you use c'est or il est? When do you pronounce the final 's' in plus? Learning the answers to these and a host of other questions can finally steer you to success.

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