He Says Mars, She Says Venus
An Irreverent Guide to Relationships

By Marc Blake & Jasmine Birtles
January 2002
Macmillan, UK
ISBN: 0-7522-6153-3
128 pages; 3" x 4"
$4.95 paper original

He says: "You're the most attractive woman I've met " He means: " today." He says: "I really need more space " He means: " with other women in it." She says: "You're so sweet." She means: "I wouldn't touch you with gardening gloves." Check out man- and woman-speak in this little book-no one in a meaningful or meaningless relationship should be without it.

About the authors:
Dr. Blake is a graduate in psychology, social sciences and lying. Having studied the human condition for several years he finally diagnosed it as malignant--with a bit of a sniffle. Jasmine Birtles is the author of several self-help books, including Feel the Fear and Run Away, Controlling the Playground--Respect Through Conflict and How to Get Along With Absolutely Everybody, which she co-wrote with her ex-husband who she hasn't spoken to since 1993.

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