Florence Nightingale & the Nursing Legacy

2nd Edition

By Monica Baly
June 1998
ISBN: 1-891696-01-7
256 p.
$22.95 Paper

This revised edition presents an examination of the Nightingale Fund and how it was used to finance various experiments in nursing and midwifery training during mid- to late-19th Century England and abroad--all of which formed the foundation of modern nursing. The author, a noted nursing historian, uses the archives of the Nightingale Fund Council to shed light on the early Nightingale schools and their influence on the nursing profession. Chapters include a discussion of the Fund; the founding of the Nightingale School; training of midwifery nurses; poor law nursing; nursing in military hospitals; Nightingale nurses in Germany, Sweden, India, Canada, and Australia; the Training School 1875-1890; nursing politics; and the Florence Nightingale legacy at the beginning of the 20th Century. The book contains a bibliography, appendices, and index.

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