Complete Classic Pilates Method
Comprehensive Guide to Joseph
Pilates' Original Exercise Program

By Miranda Bass
Edited By Lynne Robinson & Gordon Thomson
December 2004
Pan Books
ISBN: 033041237X [Paper]
ISBN: 1405005580 [Hardcover]
179 pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 9 "
$29.95 [Paper]
$39.95 [Hardcover] OUT OF PRINT

Lynne Robinson and Body Control Pilates have brought Joseph Pilates' original teachings to a vast international readership, creating exercise programs that are famed for their clarity, effectiveness and safety. Building on the bestselling success of The Official Body Control Pilates Manual, The Complete Classic Pilates Method heralds Body Control's breakdown of the full matwork program.

Originally devised for dancers and athletes, this dynamic course brings physically-demanding exercises within everyone's grasp, breaking them down into three clear levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Complete with watchpoints and warnings for each level, preparation exercises ensure that you are ready to tackle the full action.

Culminating in fluent workouts that demand only a minimum of 10 minutes four times a week, this is the clearest and most meticulously graded Pilates manual available.

Contents include: The Man, The Method, The Moment, How to Use This Book, The Fundamentals of the Pilates Technique, The Warm-Up, The Program, Further Information.

Specific techniques include:

Head, neck, shoulder, pelvic, leg, knee & foot alignment.

Lateral or thoracic breathing

Shoulder stablization

Pelvic & Lumbar stablilization

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