Urban Land Economics, 6th Ed.

By Jack Harvey & Ernie Jowsey
January 2004
Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 1-4039-00019
474 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$89.50 paper original

The sixth edition of this book fully updates this popular and well-established text examining economics as applied to property. It shows with great clarity how economic analysis can be applied to issues surrounding land use and explores ways in which the allocation of land resources can be improved. This book is an excellent course companion for courses in land and property economics.

This new edition has added features including chapter summaries and questions to confirm its position as an unrivalled guide to the economics of land use. Contents include:

Economic Efficiency through the Price System, Characteristics of the Real Property Market, The Pricing of Land and Land Resources, Investment in Real Property, The Development Process, The Timing and Rate of Redevelopment, Finance for Development, The Impact of Finance on the Commercial Property Market, Comprehensive Redevelopment, Public-Sector Development: Cost-Benefit Analysis, The Economics of Planning Controls, The Construction Industry, Land Use and Land Values, The Pattern of Urban Land Use, The Growth of Urban Areas, The Quality of the Urban Environment: Problems of Urban Areas, Housing, Regional Policy, The Impact of Government Macro Policy on Land and Property Resources, Economic Theory and Public Finance, The Incidence of Taxation on Land Resources, UK Property and the European Union (EU).

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