Economics, 8th edition

By John Sloman, et al.
October 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273763246
879 Pages, Illustrated
$135.00 Paper original

This package includes a physical copy of Economics, 8/e by John Sloman, Alison Wride and Dean Garratt, as well as access to the eText and MyEconLab. 

Now in its 8th edition, Economics by Sloman et al is known and loved for its active learning, student-friendly approach and unmatched lecturer and student support. 

Retaining all the hall mark features of previous editions, it continues to provide a balanced, comprehensive and completely up-to-date introduction to the world of economics.



Brief Contents
Guided tour
About the author

Part A Introduction
1 Introducing Economics

Part B Foundations of Microeconomics
2 Supply and Demand 
3 Markets in Action

Part C Microeconomic Theory
4 Background to Demand
5 Background to Supply
6 Profit Maximising under Perfect Competition and Monopoly
7 Profit Maximising under Imperfect Competition
8 Alternative Theories of the Firm
9 The Theory of Distribution of Income

Part D Microeconomic Policy
10 Inequality, Poverty and Policies to Redistribute Income
11 Markets, Efficiency and the Public Interest
12 Environmental Policy
13 Government Policy towards Business

Part E Foundations of Macroeconomics
14 The National Economy
15 Macroeconomic Issues and Analysis: an Overview

Part F Macroeconomics
16 The Roots of Modern Macroeconomics
17 Short-run Macroeconomic Equilibrium
18 Money and Interest Rates
19 The Relationship between the Money and Goods Markets
20 Fiscal and Monetary Policy
21 Aggregate Supply, Unemployment and Inflation
22 Long-term Economic Growth
23 Supply-side Policies

Part G The World Economy
24 International Trade
25 The Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates
26 Global and Regional Interdependence
27 Economic Problems of Developing Countries

Appendix 1: Some Techniques of Economic Analysis
Appendix 2: Websites
Threshold Concepts and Key Idea

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