A Practical Guide to Child Development

By V. Reynolds, 1987

Volume 1: The Child

ISBN: 0-85950-221-X
302 p. illus. $34.95 Paper

Volume 2: The Family
ISBN: 0-85950-240-6
166 p. illus. $31.95 Paper

Teacher's Book
ISBN: 0-85950-525-1
38 p. $31.95 Paper

The two volumes of A Practical Guide to Child Development are useful for anyone following a child-care course in which a sound knowledge of child development is required. The six main section of this volume deal with: the care and preparation needed before, during and after pregnancy-the development of the fetus-and the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of the child. Follow-up exercises and activities are found at the end of most chapters. Ten appendices provide a summary of services available, addresses of organizations referred to in the book, sources of more information, and suggestions for further reading.

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