Best of Friends 11
The Yearbook of Creative Monochrome

Edited By Roger Maile
July 2004
Arem Publishing
ISBN: 1904825028
144 pages, Illustrated, 9 " x 10 "
$52.50 Paper Original

The latest edition of the highly popular annual compilation of the top images submitted by members of the world's largest monochrome enthusiast group. A stimulating and inspirational insight into the possibilities of the monochrome medium. The book features a wide variety of subjects and photographic styles to give broad appeal.

To mark the start of its second decade, the series is given a further boost by the introduction of four color printing throughout and the addition of informative notes on each of the images by the photographers. Acclaimed by Practical Photography magazine as the 'best black and white pictures we have ever seen', this series represents the benchmark for monochrome photographic art.

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