Retro Furniture Inspired

[English & Spanish]

Edited by: Patricia Martinez
January 2014
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788415829355
192 Pages, Illustrated
$65.00 Hardcover


Classic furniture comes in an endless range of styles, all with a character of their own but all with one thing in common: they all relate to a specific period in the history of mankind.

Nowadays, looking back to recapture the styles of the past is simply a way of reinforcing the present, identifying our origins and the evolution of style.

Contemporary Classical Furniture seeks to maintain the style, the harmony and the beauty that characterises it with the same principles and care of ancient times, but with technical improvements. The details of craftsman's work in marquetry, parquetry, polychromy and carving still prevail, and have allowed the creation of a wide range of styles to achieve copies that are quite up to the standard of the original pieces.

This book is directed to manufactures, designers and enthusiasts of classical furniture. It hopes to contrinute an approach to the knowledge and dissemination of Contemporary Classical Furniture manufacutred in the world.