Manga Inspired: 23 International Artists

English & Spanish


Edited by: Eva Minguet
October 2015
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788416500017
192 Pages, Illustrated
$46.50 Hardcover


A fantastic book illustration "Manga", which features the collection of twenty internationally renowned artists, among which are Llidoll, Naoshi, Emperpep, Yukiko Yokoo, Andrea Innocent, Akira Ebihara, Sandra GH, Tado, Devilrobots, Yumiko Kayukawa ... who have personally selected some of his best works and told in first person to publish their work programs, and where they find inspiration.

Find diverse styles like Chibi, Kodomo, Shojo, Seinen, Moe ... until the illustration "Naif", from the highly personal to the intensely conceptual or simply expressive.